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MIDLAND, MI – (October 28th, 2017) – Santa Claus isn’t coming to town. He’s already here,
according to Tom Valent, Dean of the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School.

Valent heads the World’s Oldest Santa School, which was established in 1937. Often described
as the “Harvard” of Santa Schools, it just graduated the Class of 2004. Among the 70 students
was Fowlerville, Michigan resident Roger Mitnon, who just graduated Magna Cum Santa.

Minton earned his red suspenders and keys to the reindeer barn during the 40 hour curriculum.

Class lessons included Santa facts and legends, radio and television interviews, and proper use
of stomach muscles to say “Ho-ho-ho.”

“Among all the fun things we did in class, I enjoyed the reindeer flight lessons the best. I was a
little rusty in guiding Rudolph,” said Minton.

“It’s astonishing,” exclaimed Minton, “the number of things I learned about Santa that I didn’t
know.” As examples, Minton pointed out that Santa is the world’s largest employer of elves.
Further, he learned that candy canes are made from reindeer milk.

The Santa Claus School is a nonprofit organization with students from Germany, Ireland,
England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, South Africa, and Switzerland as well as the
United States.

Minton is currently polishing his boots and sleigh bells as he gets ready to visit children and adults
throughout the greater Lansing, Michigan area this December. No doubt you’ll see him or one of his
fellow white beards as they help spread the holiday giving spirit.

Interview Contacts:
Tom Valent, Dean
Phone: 989-631-0587

Roger Minton
Phone: 248-303-0810
PO BOX 125
Fowlerville, MI 48836