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Storytelling with santa program

with Santa Roger

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate the Holiday Season this year? How about having Santa Claus join you and your guests for Story-time with Santa Claus!

Santa Roger offers his “Storytelling with Santa” program to schools, libraries, homeowner associations and more. He will join you and your guests for story-time and photos afterwards so all the families can get their picture with Santa. This unique event allows children to see a different side of Santa.

Santa Roger & Mrs. Claus with the Staff at the Hazel Park Library
The Storytelling program – explained

A Magical Santa Experience

During the first 45 minutes, Santa Roger will entertain your guests with stories about and from the North Pole. Stories involving Mrs. Claus, The Elves, and, of course, The Reindeer! He speaks about some of the common questions about how Santa does his job and can make Christmas happen. Santa Roger also has some special items he will bring from the North Pole, and if all goes well, an ELF may make a special appearance!

Some, not all, of Santa Roger’s stories come with “gift magic”. A story with Gift Magic allows the parents to extend the magic from this visit with Santa to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not all stories have gift magic, and not all appearances will have one of these stories. In the event Santa Roger tells one of these stories, or you request one specifically, he will work with you to get the necessary items to the parents.

After storytime is over with, Santa Roger will be available for photos with all of your guests. He will take the time with each child and family to speak to them about their Christmas wishes. Afterwards, the child/children/family will be able to get a photo with Santa before they leave.

If you would like to provide a goodie bag, candy canes or other gifts, Santa Roger can hand those out during the photo session phase of his visit.

Typically this event will be broken into 2 sections; the first 45 minutes is storytelling and the second 45 minutes is meeting with the children and families. This program is intended for around 50-75 kids so Santa may have enough time to visit with them afterwards.

How long is the program?

Santa Roger will entertain your guests with stories from the North Pole for around 45 minutes. After story-time, children and families may line up to meet with Santa Roger for photos. This will take an additional 45 minutes. The total time for this program is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How many guests are allowed for this program?

Santa Roger requests that the program be limited to 45-55 children for each program time. This allows children to visit with Santa after the storytelling. Adults are welcome and encouraged to stay for the story-time as they will enjoy it just as much as the children!

If your event requires a larger group, please contact Santa Roger to discuss your event.

What happens if Santa runs over while taking photos?

Santa will ensure all families get time and photos. If we run over a little, it isn’t an issue. This is why the program is limited to 45-55 children.

What kind of stories does Santa Roger tell?

Santa has many stories about the reindeer, the elves, Mrs. Claus and more. Have you ever wondered how Comet got his name? How about why Santa has bells on his sleigh? What about houses with no Chimneys, how does Santa get in? Or, what happens if you catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? All of these stories and more could be told!

Will Santa Roger read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas?

Santa loves to tell stories, but who doesn’t love ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas? Not only does he read the old poem from Clement Moore, he has a special helper tell the story from HIS (Santa’s) point of view. You’ve probably never heard of it from Santa’s point of view.

Ok, but how much will it cost to have Santa Roger?

Depending on your event venue, time and location, the price will vary. Please contact Santa Roger to discuss your event in more detail. Santa Roger wants to ensure everyone is able to attend, if you have any questions regarding the price, please reach out and discuss special arrangements with him.