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virtual santa visits

a Magical visit with santa!

What is better than being able to talk to Santa from the comfort of your own home? You could do this with a personalized, private visit from Santa Claus!

Santa Roger offers the ability to hold a 10-15 minute virtual visit from The North Pole, all from the comfort of your own home! Your virtual visit with Santa Roger will be personalized to make it magical and unique for your child. Santa Roger tailors your visit from the information that you will fill out about your child prior to the visit.

In order to make sure each child gets a special time with Santa, there is a 3 Child Limit per virtual visit.

Starting at $24.99! Order yours Today!

Virtual visits cost is $24.99 for 10-15 minutes and you will receive a copy of the recording after the call!

Benefits of a virtual visit

Here are a few key benefits of meeting with Santa virtually!


Stay at home in your Pajama’s! No need to get everyone dressed up. Visit Santa from your living room and not have to leave the house!


Santa Roger will send out a form for you to fill out prior to the visit. This form will help personalize your visit and make it magical!

Christmas Keepsake

Santa Roger’s Elves will be busy in the background recording the visit and will send it to you to download as a Christmas Keepsake.

Encouragement and Pride

Santa can help you convey how proud you are of your children for the wonderful things they have been doing or encourage some areas that need improvement.